Wall Street Journal: Buy from my Child story
Today the Wall Street Journal ran a story entitled "Parent's Plea: Buy From My Child." It is an interesting take on the ongoing school fundraising efforts that all of us with children grapple with.

We agree that there can be resentment and sticky situations at work when managers or executives press employees to support their children's fundraising efforts. But we also think that part of the perennial pushback that people have with fundraising is that they are being asked to purchase something they don't want or need. If your school or team has reached diminishing returns selling food or gift wrap or other items, we suggest giving a Billboard Ecology fundraiser a try. You may not want cookies, but perhaps you'd love a beach bag or some cool totes bags?

The article also points out how many fundraising efforts have been slow to adopt online fundraising - but we've got you covered. We can enter your group in a pulldown in the online store, making it easy to promote a sale using eblast technology, and we just send you a check!

Here is the story:http://online.wsj.com/article/work_and_family.html