School Fundraising is the core of our business. Every school, everywhere, public or private has ongoing fundraising needs. We provide a turnkey fundraising solution for schools and youth organizations (think sports teams and scouts too) selling our quality, made-in-the-USA tote bags.

Your organization sells a unique item that people want and need, and makes a nice 40% profit (or more)in the process. And unlike most fundraisers that end in two weeks, our Online Giveback offers year-round fundraising. If someone purchases a tote bag and plugs in your school name, you get a 30% commission on that order. Imagine how happy your PTA president or principal will be when a random check arrives from Billboard Ecology.

You provide the point person in your organization, we provide the rest including:

  • order forms
  • letter/eblast solutions
  • logos and photos
  • contest prizes
  • grade-appropriate lesson plans to integrate the fundraiser into the classrooms

Our program has the added dimension of educating youth about environmental awareness. When children understand the sensibility of using your own tote bags at the store, their habits will stay with them for the rest of their lives (and, let's face it: Only children can pester their parents into changing their habits, e.g. not forgetting the tote bags in the car). We strongly recommend that any school considering a bag sale purchase a specially-priced "Sample Pack" from our online store.

Details about our limited-time Chipotle Lunch Tote Fundraiser can be found in the Media Room tab. Interested groups must purchase Sample Pack C prior to 11/15/12, and complete their fundraiser prior to the end of 2012. Specific fundraiser details will be emailed directly once the Sample Pack C is ordered.

(Corporations, Outdoor Advertisers and others: We are constantly seeking partnerships with sustainability-minded companies. Get involved with our turnkey Corporate Social Responsibility program. Ordering totes, trade show badge holders, and other products from Billboard Ecology directly supports our ability to offer schools the lowest possible prices on their fundraising items. Contact us for more information)