Store of Lingerie Makes Tote Bags from Retired Billboards

Store of Lingerie (SOL) Makes Totes Bags from their Retired Billboards

DENVER – Billboard Ecology Partners LLC (B.E.)announced this week it had custom fabricated tote bags for Store of Lingerie (SOL) in Denver's Cherry Creek North neighborhood. Working with SOL Billboard Ecology took several retired billboards from Valentine's Day and other prior campaigns and made them into one-of-a-kind tote bags, perfect for shopping, pool, yoga, and more. “We work with outdoor advertisers large and small on conversion programs,” stated cofounder Scott Schaible. “The owners of SOL are very creative as well as environmentally aware, and they made these repurposed totes a centerpiece of their Sidewalk Sale campaign this summer.”

Janelle Kenny of SOL was pleased with the finished product as well as the reaction from their customers. "We immediately loved the idea when Billboard Ecology approached us with the concept of converting our billboards into bags. Not only did it make sense for us to get another use out of our marketing images, but the bags are so cool we knew our customers would love them."

Billboard Ecology works directly with outdoor advertisers and their agencies and consultants to fabricate tote bags and other unique items, giving these marketing materials another life rather than a landfill destination. The core mission of Billboard Ecology is School Fundraising and Environmental Education, something many companies are anxious to get behind. "We get calls every week from companies wanting to send us their retired billboards and banners," stated cofounder Jerry Wheeler. Some estimates suggest hundreds of millions of square feet of retired billboards end up in U.S. landfills each year. Billboard Ecology is in discussions with several large outdoor advertisers interested in partnering on specific school fundraising programs.