Presidential Debate Banners Upcycled Into Amazing Tote Bags
Billboard Ecology this week delivered a large order of custom tote bags with a touch of Presidential history. The University of Denver, which hosted the historic first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney on October 3,2012, set aside all of the banners and billboards from throughout the campus and selected Billboard Ecology to upcycle the colorful Red, Blue, Orange and White banners into Large Totes.

"It is always encouraging for us to work with sustainability-minded organizations, like the University of Denver," stated Scott Schaible. "They weren't certain what their repurposing options were, but they took the thoughtful step to quarantine and store their retired art materials, which were then available for a unique project," Schaible continued.

Thousands of square feet of materials were diverted from a likely landfill destination to create colorful, no-two-alike tote bags.