Billboard Ecology Introduces 2 New Products

Billboard Ecology Introduces 2 New Products Made From Retired Advertising Billboards

DENVER – Billboard Ecology Partners LLC (B.E.)this week introduced two new products, a smaller "Boutique" tote and a Wine/Bottle Gift Bag. The Boutique Tote is a perfect smaller size for lunch, or carrying just a few items such as PDA, notebook, water bottle and more. The Wine Bag is a tall, slim recycled billboard tote for gift bottles, perfect for holiday. "These two new items are a great addition to the Original Tote,” stated cofounder Jerry Wheeler. Like all BE products, there are no two alike and the colors and patterns are varied and infinite.

The Wine Bag features a label sewn into the inside, destined to be a hit with anyone who ever watched the hit Jerry Seinfeld show. "The label reads, 'Enjoy the Bottle, But Re-Gift The Bag' - to promote passing it along at the next party or housewarming you attend," stated cofounder Scott Schaible. The label includes lines to jot your name - eliminating the need for a gift label on the handles, and promoting the idea of passing it along and seeing where it's been. "Imagine how funny it will be for a host or hostess to see the names of other people who've used the bag - giving the BE Wine Tote travels a unique provenance," Schaible continued.

Billboard Ecology works directly with outdoor advertisers, their agencies and consultants to fabricate tote bags and other unique items, giving these retired marketing materials another life rather than a landfill destination. The core mission of Billboard Ecology is School Fundraising and Environmental Education, something many companies are anxious to get behind. "We continue to get many inquiries from outdoor advertisers interested in being a part of our unique program," stated Jerry Wheeler. Some estimates indicate more than 250 million square feet of retired billboards end up in U.S. landfills every year. Billboard Ecology will annouce several new key partner corporations in the coming weeks, as soon as final arrangements are reached.